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  • Patti Murtha
    Not For Sale
  • Patti Murtha - Pasta Bowl Set

    Large Bowl

    W: 9"

    H: 3.5"


    Small Bowls

    W: 6.5"

    H: 2"

    Wheel-thrown set with stacking bowls

    Not For Sale
  • Patti Murtha - Serving Bowl

    W: 9"

    H: 4.75"

    Wheel-thrown and altered piece with added feet and handles

    Not For Sale
  • Patti Murtha - Casserole Dish

    W: 7.5"

    H: 6"

    Wheel-thrown, high fired one quart casserole dish
    Not For Sale
  • Patti Murtha - Air Plant Pocket

    4" round

    Hand-built, textured, hanging air plant pocket

    Not For Sale
  • Patti Murtha - Bowl

    W: 6"

    H: 4.5"

    Wheel-thrown piece altered with hand-built textured elements

    Not For Sale
  • Patti Murtha - Chip and Dip

    W: 10.75"

    H: 4.5"

    Wheel thrown pieces joined together

    Not For Sale
  • Patti Murtha - Olive Bowl

    W: 7.75"

    H: 1/75"

    Wheel-thrown olive bowl with small bowls thrown and added for toothpicks and pits

    Not For Sale
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Patti Murtha

Patti Murtha
Associate Member

Email Contact:


Instagram: @pattiwithtwoeyes

A potter whose aesthetic is organic and rustic, Patti loves the collaboration with the kiln goddess. She has been working in clay for nearly a decade, starting out as a thrower and soon after discovering the zen of handbuilding. These days she often loves to combine the two and add texture to her pieces.  

"Making mud functional" is how she often describes what she does - preferring to make art that people can interact with in their everyday lives. She is inspired by nature where colors are rarely uniform and things are almost never perfectly symmetrical.

In addition to being a ceramicist, she is a theater professional who works as an actor, director, and playwright. It's that background that gives her a love for pottery that looks like it has a story to tell.


Please contact Patti for inquiries about purchasing her work.
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Patti Murtha
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